My experience here was great! The work was professional and effective. Dr. Wasson and the assistants were very friendly! I am more than happy with the results!

- Robin R.

excellent staff, quickly seen. I love having them come out to Somerville!!

- Sherri M.

Honest treatment plans, instead of trying to sell us into braces, recommended just waiting.

- Kelli D.

This is a great office everyone is nice. There is never a problem with appointments and my daughter's teeth are perfect! Thank you Dr Wasson and entire staff.

- Mimi A.

great service, friendly staff, limited waiting. Thanks

- Sherri M.

All the staff is really nice and they did a great job on my teeth! My smile looks better than ever.

- Allison H.

Everyone was really nice and made me feel comfortable.

- Samantha M.

When I first started with my braces I was insecure about having them as an adult. As time went on, to see the progress that was being made with my teeth was amazing. The office staff is absolutely amazing as well. They are very patient and will work with you on any problem that you may have will going through the whole process. Now my braces are finally off and I just love my teeth! Thanks to everyone at Doctor Joseph Wasson office all of you have done and continue to do a wonderful job.

- Dominique T.

Love my new teeth!

- Taylor C.

We are so pleased! Michael's teeth look great. Thank you. I can't believe we're done except for check- ups. We're going to miss seeing you all so often. Thanks for the great service, always prompt, never a long wait. We so appreciate everyone at Wasson Orthodontics.

- Kristen L.


- Austin P.

I had a great experience at my appointment. Dr. Wasson grinded the jiggedy edges on the bottom of my front teeth and they look really really good!!!!

- Hannah S.

Excellent experience with everyone there!

- Tracy J.

The staff has been great so far. Very helpful explaining every step and a huge help with all the financial ins and outs.

- Shawn H.

Very friendly and helpful staff. I'm extremely pleased with the outcome of my treatment.

- Jonathan F.

Great staff! Always helpful and friendly! Dr. Wasson is great at explaining the procedures that are needed and why they are necessary. Amazing results for my kids!

- Debbie J.

Wonderful office. Very courteous and personable. This goes for all the staff!

- Emily H.

I am so please with the service I received from Dr. Wasson & his staff. They have always been friendly and professional. My teeth look amazing, I cannot stop smiling! I was very unsure about getting braces at age 21 but Dr. Wasson reassured me that I would be pleased with the results & he was right! My confidence has been boosted since getting my braces removed! I am very pleased with the services I received.

- Meliqua P.

This was the forms visit for the teeth casting. It was quick and on time. Thanks

- Shawn H.

Fast and Friendly service with quality work!!!!

- Dana C.

Christopher has been on a long journey with his teeth. We began this journey over 4 years ago. He had teeth that were crooked and going in many different directions in his mouth. His teeth were overcrowded and his jaw was way too small to accommodate the number of teeth that were trying to break through his gumline. Now, he has a beautiful set of teeth, a strong jaw and neckline, and a fabulous smile. Way to go Dr. Wasson and team!!!! You are the best.

- Christopher L.

My two oldest boys recently got their braces removed, ending their journey with Dr. Wasson. I have to say that Dr. Wasson was so patient dealing with my teens and he always made instructions very clear. My youngest will need braces soon and we would not go to anyone else!

- Rachel H.

I have been an assistant of Dr. Wasson almost twenty- three years now. Absolutely love what I do and enjoy working with someone so knowledgeable and caring of our patients. Both of my boys are in treatment and have had amazing results. I have enjoyed numerous relationships with getting to know our patients and making them feel more comfortable with their visits.

- Talisa D.

As a recent employee joining the staff I really love it here and Dr. Wasson is going to be treating my daughter with braces this month. On completing her work up Dr.Wasson sat down with me and was very thorough explaining the treatment for my daughter and I think that is so important on having all of the details.

- Debbie W.

Staff was organized, friendly, and saw me a few minutes before my appointment time! Dr. Wasson clearly explained my options and was very helpful. Overall a great experience.

- Courtney H.

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! Very helpful also!

- Lori Ann B.

Always a pleasant and knowledgeable staff. That's half the battle when finding a good doctor. You may like the doctor, but the staff that you have to interact with is highly important and what make you want to come back! Thanks for our hard work!

- Christy J.

She came in with crooked teeth and now they are as beautiful as she is! So worth the wait! Thanks for everything!

- Melanie R.

I was pleased with the service that I received. The doctor informed me of things that I really didn't notice about my teeth. I am so excited about coming back for my next appointment to get things started.

- Layuri W.

Nice visit. No problems. Working well with new appliance.

- Mary T.

Had my braces for a year and two months. I got them off today and I love the results!!

- Elizabeth Ann O.

Thank you for taking such good care of my daughter!

- Kimberly K.

My daughter has been seeing Wasson for two years now. We just got her braces off and she could not be happier. And what a beautiful smile! Our son will begin his journey soon and I'm sure we will be just as pleased. Thank you all for everything.

- Mary Jo S.

Kind and efficient staff. Thanks.

- Rhonda W.

I started here at age eight and throughout my teenage years I have been treated here. There is hardly ever a wait and the staff is very pleasant to be around! Very impressed with my experience here! :)

- Hailey D.

This is my second round of braces. My first was my junior year in high school. Shortly after I married in 1995 my teeth began to shift. After many years I sought treatment. Dr. Wasson and his team are extremely helpful and professional! Looking forward to life after braces!

- Melissa F.

Our wait time is minimal and the service has been a blessing.

- Anissa C.

great staff; quickly seen.

- Sherri M.

I definitely enjoyed coming to this place because of the friendly environment that it has. They always greet you with a smile and always ask "how are you". I definitely felt comfortable here and I would definitely recommend anyone who wants braces to go to Wasson orthodontist!

- Bryan M.

Great job repairing my braces. Thanks.

- Joshua J.

Very fully informative. Appreciated the time.

- Nancy D.

When I came in the 6th grade, my teeth were all messed up so I got braces on my top and bottom four teeth and had to do tongue therapy. Then I got full braces and turtle and moose rubber bands. I finally got my braces off and I got a mouth piece that I wore for a while and now I have my retainers that I have to wear and I'm just so happy to have straight teeth!

- Alyssa L.

Dr. Wasson and the staff did an exceptional job with both of our girls. The end results were better than expected for both children. Additionally, the staff at the office made the entire experience go smoothly. I would highly recommend Dr. Wasson's office.

- Scott J.

Very pleased with how the work Dr. Wasson is performing is turning out. We've seen great results already and are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Dr. Wasson and his staff!

- Mary T.

Great staff, convenient appointments, and comfortable chairs. :)

- Sherri M.

I love coming to Dr. Wasson! He has the best staff, they are so friendly and helpful. I couldn't ask for a better ortho!! You guys ROCK :)

- Jennifer D.

Very good

- Jeff B.

Great experience with Dr. Wasson and his staff! Would recommend family and friends to this office.

- Christie S.

My experience with Dr. Wasson's office was great. The entire staff was very professional and friendly. There was hardly ever a wait with each appointment. I came in with an overbite and some crowding. I wore the braces for a little of over 2 years and I couldn't be any happier with my results.

- Treniece C.

Entire staff has always been wonderful to my daughter. They are very friendly, honest, and welcome questions anytime.

- Krista B.

So impressed with the compassion of your assistants. Kind of a scary time getting all these appliances put in my daughter's mouth, but you were all very kind and took the time to explain everything. Thank you.

- Mary T.

Great service! Everyone is so nice and friendly. They really make you feel at home. I would recommend this place to all my friends!

- Joey S.

Already had one child come through your office. Her smile is still straight. My second child is still in braces. Can't wait to see his finished straight teeth.

- Mindy J.

Dr. Wasson's office has been great. Everyone in the office is so nice and gets the work done quickly. We appreciate that we never have to wait past our appointment time. I would definitely recommend Dr. Wasson.

- Wendy M.

I had a good visit today!

- Margaret H.

Having such a good experience with Wasson Orthodontics. Office staff are very patient and willing to help. Dr. Wasson explains all of the procedures very well. Everyone at Wasson Orthodontics has treated my daughter really well. Thanks for taking care of us!

- Mary T.

Dr. Wasson was recommended to me by my dentist quite a number of years ago. However, wanting to save some money, I went to another orthodontist. Big mistake! I was not happy with this other orthodontic group and so, after receiving substandard treatment from them, I went back to Dr. Wasson. He was very kind and understanding of what I had been through and still did an excellent job of taking over the care of my adult teeth. The orthodontic group I first went to, I've learned, has gone out of business. I learned my lesson well and when it was time for my two daughters to go in for an orthodontic evaluation, I didn't hesitate - I took them to Dr. Wasson! They both have beautiful smiles due to his excellent care. Thank you so much!

- Nancy C.

Wasson Orthodontics has been a great experience! My son's teeth turned out better than expected. All of the staff are friendly and easy to work with. I will highly recommend them to anyone who needs orthodontic work.

- Cindy P.

Jacob came in for an adjustment to his lip bumper after getting hit by a baseball and now all seems just fine! Thank you so much! Everyone there always nice & friendly! :)

- Christine J.

The wait was minimal. I was in and out so fast it almost felt like I was not thoroughly examined, but he said that my teeth look good. Also, I guess I'm at the point now where the onus is on me to let them know of any problems.

- Ahmed O.

The first day that I walked in to Wasson Ortho, I felt as if I had known them for years! They were so kind and always welcomed me in with a smile. I have never been anywhere where they put the client before themselves. I've recommended multiple friends to them even my family! They are awesome! AND I'm so happy about my teeth! They are truly phenomenal!

- Robert D.

Excellent service, friendly clean atmosphere, absolutely great experience. The entire staff treated us like family, and were dedicated to making sure that my sons retainers, bumpers and spacers were fitted right and that were working correctly.

- Christine H.

Josie has been a patient there for several years, and I could not ask for more caring people to look after my daughter. They have done such a wonderful job at looking out for her and are making her have a pretty smile!! Thanks for everything!

- Kimberly K.

Very happy with the service you girls provide.

- Adam S.

Dr. Wasson and colleagues are always polite, helpful, and on time. I recommend Dr. Wasson and staff to everyone of all ages! This is the second time I have used their services, and would not hesitate to go back a third time.

- Leslie M.

I want to thank the entire team at Dr. Wasson's practice for helping my family obtain excellent customer service and beautiful teeth. They only perform what is necessary, but always get excellent results. I have 4 children that have gone to him. The first one ending up not needing treatment. This was one of the many things that caused my loyalty. They did not try to get a patient for money. They have my 100% trust. My next two children had some mouth or bite issues (I'm not technical at all and I don't know the medical terms), but both of them ended with beautiful teeth. It even changed their profile, which was needed. My 4th child is now currently being treated and is in braces. I have never had one issue that was a negative experience over the years. I give my complete recommendation to Dr. Wasson and his staff! Thank you! Thank you!

- Gwendolyn B.

Well my story begins with me just wanting to all of my teeth straight and to get that million dollar smile :) The first time I went in for a visit, I did not know what exactly to expect, but one thing I did know was that I wanted my teeth straight. After all of the X- rays, pictures and moldings done on my teeth, from a very nice and caring group in the office I later went back for my follow up to find out everything I needed to know in order for me to get to the smile I have always wanted. The staff along with Dr. Wasson were very patient and professional. I am always greeted with a warm smile from everyone. Currently I have had my braces on for almost a year and I am actually enjoying them. When I go in for my routine visits, I feel comfortable and always leave satisfied due to Dr. Wasson and his wonderful staff. They will answer any questions you have, try to help with any concerns you have and are really just on top of their jobs all the time because I believe that they really do care for the patients that come into the office. This is a great doctor with a great staff.

- Dominique T.

I have been going to Dr. Wasson's office for a couple of years and everyone is so nice. My teeth really look great and I love Dr. Wasson!!

- Alexis M.

My teeth are straight now and the staff was great. It was an all- around great experience .

- Jonathan W.

I always wanted braces when I was little to fix the gaps in my teeth. I finally got them on in the spring of my junior year of high school, and got them off before I started college. I am greatly satisfied with the work the Dr. Wasson's office has done.

- Kameron B.

We just came in for my son to begin his treatment. We are so pleased with everyone in the office and Dr. Wasson. He has been so patient and waited for the right time to begin treatment for our son. Everyone who works in the office alongside Dr. Wasson is just as kind, compassionate, and caring. We are so grateful to have our son in such good hands!

- Susan T.

Great customer service!

- Shunise G.

Love my teeth!!!

- Alexis O.

My smile is very pretty. My teeth are very straight. The experience was very nice. The orthodontists let you know about everything that is going on and what will happen in the future. I am very happy with the finishing product.

- Cami Bea A.

Jackie was very helpful and friendly in scheduling my daughters' appointments. She was also extremely helpful with insurance information. We had a great appointment with Dr. Wasson, who made me feel extremely comfortable and confident. Thank you for taking the time with both my daughters!

- Noreen J.

Braces over age 50... A Long process but a great outcome

- Lisa H.

I think Ms. Lisa did an amazing job! She was always smiling and having a great day!

- Aali Y.

Professional friendly service from a caring and knowledgeable staff.

- Sharon M.

Three years ago, had a root canal and primary dentist recommend braces. After a second opinion I saw Dr Wasson and glad I had the braces done. I have very sensitive teeth, but the process went very smooth. Highly recommended.

- Kendall A.

Although there were painful times, my overall experience has been a pleasant and wonderful experience. Thanks!

- Elena G.

I got braces and they worked well. I was well informed during the process, and the estimated time for my braces was the same as I actually had them.

- Stephen H.

Love my job here at Wasson Orthodontics! It's such a pleasure working with Dr. Wasson and the assistants to make such a difference in people's lives with changing their smiles!

- Jackie H.

I was very embarrass to show my smile every since I was a kid, with the help of Dr. Wasson and his wonderful team not only are my teeth healthy, my smile is beautiful, & my confidence level is through the roof!

- Portia W.

It took a long time but it all paid off in the end thanks :)

- Jasmine R.

I had a bit of an overbite for a while, but Wasson Orthodontics fixed that up for me. Thanks a lot!

- Gerald D.

Well pleased with all the services provided

- Stacy C.

My whole life I didn't like smiling or talking because my teeth weren't in order but this program changed my life and I thank them for my new smile!

- Kiara S.

They did a perfect job really am proud!

- Colton V.

I thought dr. Wasson and his staff was excellent. They were always consistent with appointment times and very understanding the workers were always very nice. He always told me straight up what I needed to do to get my braces off.

- Austin C.

It was a good experience

- Nick T.

I love the atmosphere at the office everyone is very nice and the wait is not long at all. I am loving my treatment so far and i am looking forward to my new smile :- )

- latoya J.

Everyone is always helpful and friendly, and Dr. Wasson is great!

- Allen H.

My son, David, has had a wonderful transformation in his smile with the staff of Wasson. He had a bite issue and from the beginning the staff has help us to know that he was ready and all the changes that would happen. He also felt comfortable asking question. They help him understand the do's and don't's of the process. We were happy we made it through 2 football seasons, wrestling season, and track and field without and issues or damage. I chalk this up to the staff in make sure he understood the importance of taking care of the process. If I had to go through this experience again I would not choose anyone else. Thanks to them for all they have done for David!

- Angela M.

I had a great time. They are extremely friendly and encouraging.

- Connor W.

Really loved the service, all were nice

- Webb P.

everyone is very nice and courteous. thank you.

- Andrea M.

Great Office and staff my daughter is excited about getting braces!

- Corketa M.

Everything's was great minus the problems that come with braces

- David M.

My teeth look good.

- Selden M.

Well I know I had bad teeth. Thanks to y'all my teeth are better and nicer. Y'all helped me so much with my teeth that I wanted to say thanks. Y'all made my smile better than ever. I am very thankful for y'all making my teeth straight because before it was a mess but thank you very much y'all are the best.

- Stacey M.

So far just in the beginning stages of braces for three people at the same time. Everyone from the office staff to the doctor has been friendly and helpful. Thank you

- Nadene P.

The visit was quick, nice and informative. I love the small environment and the hands on practice they have. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. See you Wednesday!!

- Corketa M.

Good staff and good service. I had a wonderful experience with my braces.

- Jack G.

It was good overall.

- Jack G.

Service was fast and quick

- Latoya J.

Amazing experience....age 30 with over crowding teeth...the team was able to create a perfect smile for me after 2 years of braces with treatments. Great attitude, teamwork atmosphere...very kind receptionist. Dr. Wasson is a great doctor.

I recommend this team for anyone seeking the same results that I was able to achieve.

Thank you so much

Tyrone Chambliss

- Tyrone C.

Always a pleasant experience.

- Kim C.

I had crooked teeth and no braces. Now I have no braces and straight teeth!

- Michael L.

Polite, well- trained staff.

- John F.

Y'all did a really good job! For the first time in over three years I won't have any metal in mouth! YAY!! Thank you guys so much!!!

- Maddie D.

Been going here since first grade but through it all everything turned out great and now my teeth look great!

- Colin J.

I like how prompt they are. My son Desmond Smith retainer came out. They assured me everything will be ok and they got him as soon as possible to correct the problem. Thank you guys for yall hospitality.

- Penny S.

I got my braces about a year and a half ago, and finally got them off. I would definitely recommend Wasson ortho.

- Madison M.

Best place for a great smile! They did a great job.

- Benjamin B.

We have been very happy with our experience at Wasson Ortho. Thankfully we had a convenient pay plan, speedy appointments with minimal school absences, and my son ended up with a great smile. Thanks so much!

- LaNita S.

Even though getting them on wasn't fun, the braces were a great choice for me. Dr. Wasson was very professional with my teeth and the results are great. It was a different, but beneficial experience.

- Stephen W.

Very gentle and nice when it comes to braces. I love it!

- Linnea L.

They made my teeth so straight and perfect I feel like a new man!!!!!

- Vincent C.

Thanks for taking such great care of Michael. We appreciate it so much. Will call for that next appointment today.

- Kristen L.

We have had a good experience so far. Appointments are on time and everyone is very nice.

- Mary H.

Perfect job

- Chris L.

I really feel welcome and the staff is very nice.

- Beata B.

My two oldest boys recently got their braces removed, ending their journey with Dr. Wasson. I have to say that Dr. Wasson was so patient dealing with my teens and he always made instructions very clear. My youngest will need braces soon and we would not go to anyone else!

- Rachel H.

This office has welcome me and my daughter with open arms. I love the kindness we have received so far. Keep up the good work!

- Beata B.

I have been a patient at Wasson Orthodontics for over a year, and I have been very pleased with my teeth.

- Keyana H.

I came to them with teeth that I've always been embarrassed of, and now I smile all the time. They did such a great job!

- Kierra J.

As a recent employee joining the staff I really love it here and Dr. Wasson is going to be treating my daughter with braces this month. On completing her work up Dr.Wasson sat down with me and was very thorough explaining the treatment for my daughter and I think that is so important on having all of the details.

- Debbie W.

Our daughter is having her braces removed today, and she could not be more excited. It has been approximately 1 1/2 years since she began her orthodontic treatment at Wasson Orthodontics. All of the staff does an amazing job at communicating with her, letting her know what is occurring in her mouth, and how to take care of her braces. It has allowed her to be a very responsible patient, and the benefit is having her braces removed ahead of schedule. We highly recommend Dr. Wasson and his (office & dental) staff.

- Martha T.

I was 28 years old when I wanted to get my braces and knew it was going to be a little harder on me since my age. So there for I was a lit scared to follow thru with it.. Talking to Dr. Wasson and his crew made me feel better about the whole thing.. So now I'm 2 years in to it and I wouldn't want it any other way. They have been very easy on me and I love the progress there're making and not to mention I love the whole crew.. Things are going very well.. Thank you so much Wasson Orthodontics.

- Timothy E.

Very fast visits. Explains very well each step as they go. Talks to your level and not over your head to where you don't understand. Very pleased.

- Alicia R.

I really enjoyed our experienced there. Desmond teeth looks great. The staff was amazing. Whenever I had a question it was answered right then. Everyone was knowledgeable. I will like to thank Dr. Wasson and his staff on behalf of the Smith family.

- Penny S.

Very quick and friendly. Dr. Wasson made sure I was happy with results

The staff is very friendly, courteous and professional. Great service and I'm in and out in a timely manner. Thanx Dr. Wasson and staff for providing me with such great orthodontic care.

- Martin Q.

Great service and a friendly and help staff!

- Megha F.

I love the new person at the front desk. She is much friendlier and patient with scheduling, etc.

- Renee L.

Excellent. Always very quick, timely appointments.

- Harrison L.

Had a broken wire, so had that replaced and then just changed my colors. So not a bad appointment

- Robert C.

Great staff; very friendly; always seen on time without a long wait;

- Sherri M.

Thank you for fixing my bracket i forgot to share when i made my appointment.

- Nicholas C.

Kind staff and friendly environment!

- Valeria W.

Dr. Wasson's office has made our orthodontic experience positive and worked with us to make it affordable.

- Susan N.

Very happy with the results. Staff was all very very nice. Very professional and knew what they were doing.

- Demi H.

Good services

- Khanh N.

Good experience!

- Sara S.

Dr. Wasson and his staff were wonderful. I especially appreciate their flexibility in scheduling our appointments as my work schedule is fluid. They were very accommodating. Corbin's teeth look awesome- thank you Dr. Wasson and staff!

- Jean H.

We have a very positive experience. As our home is an hour and a half from here, having access to the office in Somerville was an asset to me and to Nate.

- Sherri B.

Wasson Orthodontics is very customer service friendly and professional. The office staff is great no matter which location you visit. They have just been wonderful in this continuing process of fitting my daughter for braces. Thanks to Dr. Wasson and his staff for a job well done.

- Ceecy R.

Great job reattaching the false tooth that was broken off my braces!

- Joshua J.

Both of my boys have had a great experience

- Kim C.

I got my braces 15 years ago, when I was 50 years old. It was one of the best decisions I ever made! I had a bad bite and also thrust my tongue. The braces made such a difference! And Dr. Wasson taught me how to retrain my tongue, so that I now swallow properly. I wear my retainers every night! My experience with Dr. Wasson and his office has been and was excellent. Both of my children also were fitted for braces here, and their experience was also excellent. I am so thankful for Dr. Wasson!!

- Alice D.

My daughter thinks you are awesome because you told her that possibly she could get her braces off next month!

- Beverly C.

Gr8 job! I am very impressed with y'all's friendliness, kindness, patience & understanding.

- Angela K.

Great service. Very professional.

- Jennifer L.

Great place to get your braces! The people here are so friendly and helpful.

- Danielle C.

Great. Everyone wonderful as usual.

- Stacey M.

Our experience has been very pleasant with both of my kids.

- Kim C.

Everything was great! I love love love my smile!

- Nathan B.

Dr. Wasson and my granddad, Dr. Hewitt, (Bob, as we call him) Have always been good friends. He is friendly, patient, and I can see why they are friends. I have really enjoyed the years at Wasson's Orthopedics.

- Will H.

We have two tweens currently in braces and have been very pleased with Dr. Wasson and his staff. Dr. Wasson did an excellent job talking directly to our children, explaining the entire process and answering all of their questions before the orthodontic treatment began. And this mom has appreciated all of the insurance billing work that has been handled due to dental plan changes along the way. We would recommend this office to anyone seeking an orthodontist.

- Martha T.

Great experience. Appointments always on time and minimal wait. Would definitely recommend friends and family members to Dr. Wasson!

- Derek H.

I love Dr. Wasson and his staff. They are always kind and courteous and very efficient. I am always in and out quickly!

- Matt S.

Great orthodontics, wonderful staff made this experience for someone my age easy and enjoyable.

- Gloria G.

Have always been very friendly on every visit. And I get my braces off in two weeks. Can't wait!!!

- Davis H.

We have had good experiences. The only thing I would have liked to have known is how fast the teeth change if they do not always wear their retainers. My two older boys both have major shifting on their bottom teeth just because of not wearing the retainer on a regular basis.

- Cathy C.

Everything was good

- Taylor C.

Dr. Wasson and his staff are fantastic! We have had wonderful orthodontic treatment and everyone is very friendly, always ready to help in any way. Would highly recommend Dr. Wasson!!!

- Robyn P.

It's really nice coming to the orthodontist office because there are nice people and they always try their best to help us take better care of our teeth.

- Janie N.

They are very nice here!

- Aubrey G.

I had a great experience here! I am very happy with my teeth and I have been kept very informed over the whole process. All my questions were answered and I have felt very comfortable here. Thank you for a good experience!

- Kendal H.

I love the orthodontist here they are really friendly.

- Jerald M.

I have two daughters that are both patients of Dr. Wasson's and we are so pleased with the care they both have received and still are receiving. I highly recommend Dr. Wasson and his staff!

- Tracie S.

So far, I have been able to see a huge difference in both of my girls' smiles. I can't wait to see the end results. The staff is very friendly, and they are very good about getting my children in to be seen at their appointed times with minimal if any wait. I would highly recommend Dr. Wasson to anyone.

- Julia M.

Great Staff. Warm environment

- Lamonica L.

Always excellent!!

- Payton W.

Very pleased that you have the office available in Somerville. Enjoyed our consultation with Dr. Wasson. Appreciated having the pictures and charts of proposed work presented in a format that we could take home and review.

- Mary T.

Dr. Wasson is always friendly and helpful each time I come for my braces checkup! Thank you!

- Allen H.

Ten star treatment!

- Susan B.

Great service, the staff is very professional and friendly, would highly recommend Dr. Wasson and his staff

- Martin Q.

Always a friendly experience

- Lindsey P.

Always on time. Nice office staff. Have recommend to other people looking for orthodontist.

- Caroline K.

Great so far just started this orthodontist journey with my kids!

- Anna S.

Appointments are always on time! No long waits! Yeah!

- Sharon D.

We moved from Atlanta in 2009. My Daughter age 9 had braces already and Dr. Wasson continued her plan of treatment for the same contracted rate. I really felt relieved to know that I wasn't going to have to spend more than I expected to. We also needed appliances and therapy for my son. It was pretty convenient to be able to schedule them booth at the same time with virtually no waiting before being seen. We have been going to the orthodontist for one reason or another for 5 years between my too kids and I am so glad Dr. Wasson's professionalism has made it painless. Thank you Dr. Wasson for everything.

- Stephanie S.

Our experience with Dr. Wasson and his staff has been great. My daughter started seeing Dr. Wasson when she was 9, we had to wait for her to lose some teeth before the braces went on, she was 11 and 1/2 when they went on and 13 when they came off. Dr. Wasson knows his stuff! The staff is always friendly and helpful. I like the fact that they have different offices that are convenient to get to. . My daughter now has a beautiful smile that has made her much more confident. I would highly recommend.

- Anita K.

I contacted Dr. Wasson's office 2002 or 2003 about maintaining my braces after I'd gotten them put on while in undergraduate school in Nashville. I would be moving back home and knew I needed a reliable orthodontist to pick up where my former one had left off. As soon as came in and experienced the professionalism of the staff at the front desk, I knew that Dr. Wasson had to be just as professional, having such caring individuals working at his office. Dr. Wasson was very thorough in explaining every detail of my treatment to me. His warm welcoming demeanor made my visits easier when I had to get my braces tightened. I have recommended Dr. Wasson to quite a few of my co- workers and friends who needed an orthodontist. What a relief to know that there are still caring, professional individuals who take pride in making sure that you and your smile are satisfied!

- Sherri T.

Great staff and great service! Great orthodontist too!

- Suzanne H.

I got 6 different opinions before choosing Doctor Wasson for my braces. I am a business owner and in my late 20's. I was concerned about time frame of having my braces on. He had the most logical approach with the better than average time frame for treatment. I had my braces a year and a half. He was right on time for my wedding date like he had proposed. Their office is more than kind and easy to work with. I think his prices were inline with the other estimates but his care was great and worth every penny! My teeth are still perfectly straight and I can only thank Dr. Wasson for this! Thank You!

- Austin C.

I have had my braces for less than a year and I see vast improvement to the my teeth they are straight finally, everyone is nice and professional

- Jeffrey S.

I am one of Dr. Wasson's older patients. When you retire, sometimes you think it's time to do some things you put off in your earlier years. For me it was getting my bite corrected. After a glowing recommendation from some friends I started my newest life adventure with Dr. Wasson. He and his staff gave me the smile I have wanted all my life. They were very patient with me and explained each step of the work they were doing.

- Gloria G.

I became a client of Dr. Wasson in February of 1987 at the age of 47 and was in braces for almost 3 years. He was recommended by my dentist, the late Dr. Hastings. I never had an unpleasant visit at his offices, even though I was a little out of place with all of the children. Now, many years later, two of my grandchildren are "customers." I would recommend him to anyone who asks.

- Linnea B.

Our daughter was in need of braces and I searched for a reputable doctor in our area with current knowledge on trends. Dr. Wasson was very professional and we his costs were very reasonable for our daughters needs. He set a time line and with our encouragement she did have her braces off at the time he predicted. Her smile is wider and she exhibits a much more confident look in our family pictures. Dr. Wasson's staff is very professional, friendly and accommodating. His office hours are very friendly to a school schedule.

- Catherine B.

Two of my sons were patients of Dr. Wasson. As a result of his fine work, they both have flawless smiles to enjoy their entire lives. Dr. Wasson's financing plan allowed me to spread out the expenses at a resonable rate. Thanks, Dr. Wasson, you are a true professional.

- William R.

Dr. Wasson and his staff are great! They will explain anything you ask, and will work with you if you need it.

- Melannie C.

My sister, Sharon Moseley, recommended Dr. Wasson to me. I was 40 years old when I got braces. I did not like to smile. It was an adventure for me since I felt like the oldest patient - rubber bands, ice cube, a tongue thrust problem, retainer. It took 3 years and on Halloween 1987 my braces came off. I still have the impressions of my teeth back then. Dr. Wasson did a beautiful job on my teeth and I smile all the time now - 25 years. I am very grateful to Dr. Wasson and his staff. Thank you, Dr. Wasson.

- Carol H.

I love my JOB!!!! Love seeing all of those wonderful smiles!!! :- )

- Jennifer M.

Both of my daughters have received orthodontic treatment from Dr. Wasson and his staff. When in his office, we have received prompt, friendly and professional service. I would recommend Dr. Wasson and his staff to anyone seeking orthodontic treatment.

- Angie N.

Great service!

- Isra A.

Dr. Wasson put braces on myself and my son Hunter. He and his staff are very professional and do an excellent job. I highly recommend Dr. Wasson and his team.

- Kathy N.

My daughter has received an appliance for an over bite. She has had great results. We have even broken an appliance and they have replaced it for us. I would, and have recommended them to friends. Thanks.

- Daphnie G.

We love Dr. Wasson and his staff. We have had a wonderful experience. My daughter and my niece are both patients of his. They both have beautiful smiles. I would recommend using him to anyone. The only thing that would make me happier is if he had an office in Tipton County!

- Mary T.

My daughter was in need of braces a little over two years ago so we were referred to Dr. Wasson by our dental office. Him and his staff has well chair side manners. She doesn't mind going, they getting in and out pretty quick. She had to have 8 teeth pulled early in so her others could align, some took a while longer to come in than expected. She was sorta hoping to have these off already. But that isn't there fault. We have looked at past photos and have seen a big difference already in how her teeth are aligned.

- Tina R.

We love Dr. Wasson! First of all, our son's teeth and mouth look great. The correction is going beautifully. Dr. Wasson has been careful to take his time as our son still had baby teeth to lose when we started. The staff is helpful and patient in teaching our son how to care for his teeth and braces. And they're always ready to fix things when we have something broken or lose. Plus my son likes everyone in the office. We do have to drive from Olive Branch to get to the office, but Dr. Wasson was recommended by our family dentist whom we trust so the drive is worth it. Plus appointments are always quick in quick out...and if they won't be we always know ahead of time so that we can plan for it.

- Kristen L.

Dr. Wasson and his staff were so caring to my daughter when she got her braces. His office was always very timely in getting her in and out of there but also very diligent in making sure that everything was ok before they sent her home. The business office is also very easy to work with too! Overall, this is a great place!!!!

- Joslyn R.

The results I received were stellar, My daughter's smile is perfect.

- Janene W.

Dr. Wasson has been great. We appreciate the flexible payment options and the email communication.

- Beth N.