Office Mission

Our primary mission is to go beyond just providing our patients with straight teeth. To achieve optimal esthetics, we evaluate the jaw structure and profile with a digital analysis so that the diagnosis will provide an individualized plan to fit the needs of each patient. This helps us to create the great smiles and profiles that are so important to our patients.

We also perform a functional analysis with dental casts mounted on an articulator. This special instrument simulates how the bite fits during chewing function. With this, bite problems can be detected and then corrected during treatment. This may help prevent future jaw pain such as TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction).

One of our special interests is the detection of problems at an early age (7-11 years) so that we may provide interceptive treatment. This can reduce the need to extract teeth and improve growth problems that affect the profile and facial shape as well as jaw function. If treatment is delayed until growth is nearly complete, the profile could be compromised or jaw surgery might be necessary. (See the section on interceptive orthodontics for more details.)

Finally, we strive to accomplish these goals in a friendly, caring atmosphere so that our patients are made comfortable, seen on time for appointments and are always treated with honesty and respect.